Music is something that should be felt
— Eyrnestine

Maggie Earnestine Jefferson, known professionally as Eyrnestine, is an independent singer, songwriter, and record producer based in Grand Rapids MI. Eyrnestine developed a style that blurs the lines between genres as diverse as R&B, Afro-Jazz, Latin Funk, and electronica. She is best known for her funky rhythms , beautiful melodies and improvised scat singing. She draws musical inspiration from early jazz pioneers like Ella Fitzgerald to new age R&B soul Erykah Badu. her other influences include Paul Desmond, Patrice Rushen, and Sade.


A self pronounced "vibrational being ", Eyrnestine is a strong believer in being authentic with oneself saying, "Hiding your gifts from the world is probably one of the most selfish things a human can do."
Do not miss out on Eyrnestine's Upcoming EP "pulling weeds" set to release in October 2018 with much more amazing music to come.